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Shelley Mitchell
May 5, 2017 | Shelley Mitchell

Bountiful 2017 harvest

We just got out of one of the wettest winters in history here in Northern California. Many have been asking what impact all the rains have on the vines. The reality is…not much. Grapevines go dormant in the winter, and can actually tolerate being submerged for around 20 days. In fact, the French once used vineyard flooding to control the Phylloxera root pest. The recent Northern California rains we short lived and spread out nicely. The biggest concern was erosion. Everyone was keeping an eye on trees, slopes and vineyard architecture like posts and trellises to ensure any shifting ground didn’t topple things to the ground. By now, most areas have recovered nicely and vineyard reservoirs are full and our water tables are ready for a bountiful 2017 harvest.
For our entire state it’s pretty amazing to finally see our creeks full and so much green natural all around!  After years of drought and vines struggling under the dry conditions we are happy to see this turn-around. Many wine producers all over the state has agreed they will take the continued rain over no rain at all, because it’s good overall. It’s a great feeling to get some “seasons” back. 

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