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Shelley Mitchell
September 5, 2017 | Shelley Mitchell

Harvest 2017

In a sense, so much of the year’s labors have led directly to this point. Harvest. This year we have walked with you through how the rains of this past winter impacted the vineyards, the decisions that affect the living vine and how that vine will produce for years to come, the importance of pruning and leaf thinning and how these processes contribute to yielding grapes that are ripe and sweet and ideal for making wine.

As it is with most of the wine making experience, Harvest is a balance of knowledge, instinct, and experience. Our winemakers have honed their physical senses to determine the optimal time to pick the grapes from the vine and combine their senses with their scientific knowledge. From the color of the grapes, to the texture and taste, and even the scent in the air, all signs indicate that we have entered the harvest season.

The cool night air will protect the grapes across various vineyards as workers race the dawn to bring in the harvest. The sweet scent of fermentation will permeate the air and, if you have never experienced harvest, there is nothing quite like the smell. For the next few months, the wineries along Amador’s First Wine Trail will be focusing our efforts to bringing in this year’s yield of grapes and crafting the next vintage of your favorite wines. And we invite you to come join us as we do so.

The nine wineries along the trail offer a diverse look into Amador county winemaking, and you don’t want to miss this exciting stage of the process. Come into the tasting rooms and experience the culmination of past harvests, and then come and visit us at some of the local celebrations of wine, like the 25th Annual Big Crush Harvest Festival. 


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