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Shelley Mitchell
April 30, 2018 | Shelley Mitchell

Enjoy Your Summer Wines at The Perfect Temperature


Enjoy Your Summer Wines at The Perfect Temperature

With summer on the horizon, you’re more than likely to choose white wines over reds. You know the feeling. It’s a perfect summer evening. You grab a bottle of chardonnay from the fridge, throw it in a big bucket of ice and pour it into some stemless glasses to enjoy in the backyard.

But have you ever paused to think, “Am I serving my wine at the right temperature?”

Truth be told, most of us aren’t. And when you take the time to serve wine at the perfect temperature, you can enjoy reds, whites and rosés year round. Plus, you’ll get the full impact of aromas and flavors in your wines.

Try Your White Wines A Bit Warmer Than You’re Used To

For starters, your whites are likely too cold. But don’t panic, we’re not suggesting you get out the thermometer for the precise pouring temperature.

Generally speaking, white and rosé wines taste best between 50 and 60 degrees fahrenheit. So if you have a bottle of white wine chilling in the fridge overnight or sitting on ice, it’s definitely too cold. To get the temperature just right, we suggest leaving your whites and rosés in the fridge for a couple hours.

Once they’re out of the fridge, there’s no need to throw it in the ice bucket or put a sleeve around it. The glass bottle will insulate the wine, and its temperature will rise slowly.

You should pause to notice the difference between your first glass and your second. Is the wine more aromatic? Did you find new flavors that were once hidden behind the frosty chill?

We bet you’ll discover a whole new personality in some of your favorite white and rosé wines.

Chill Your Reds Down A Bit Too

As for reds, you’ll want to cool them down more than you’ve thought. Red wines can benefit from as little as 10-15 minutes in your freezer (just don’t forget about them).

If you’re confused, it’s probably because you heard that red wines are best enjoyed at at room temperature. This is a bit misleading. Most of us in the United States keep our houses somewhere between 68-73 degrees. This is far too warm for any type of wine.

The ideal temperature for red wine is somewhere between 60-70 degrees. Lighter reds tend to do better with more of a chill on them. Try out a lightly chilled beaujolais and cheeseburger to see for yourself. Full-bodied reds are about right at room temperature or slightly below it.

Like whites and rosés, we suggest experimenting to find the perfect temperature to enjoy your favorite wines.

It’s easier to start on the colder end of the range and notice how it changes as the temperature slowly rises. And if your red wine seems a bit more tannic or acidic than usual, it’s probably a bit too cold. Just be patient and let it come up a few degrees to find its comfort zone.

Sparkling Wine Should Be Served Ice Cold

For sparkling wines, you’ll want these well chilled. Now is the time for the ice bucket. The ideal temperature for sparkling wines is between 40-50 degrees fahrenheit.

Have you ever opened a bottle of sparkling wine to have it explode and fizz everywhere? The wine was too warm. Similarly, if you find that your sparkling wine is a bit too foamy, a chill will help you get those refined bubbles you’re looking for.

Remember, these are just guidelines to get you started in finding the perfect temperature to enjoy your wine. Everyone’s tasting experience will be different, but try out these wine temperature ranges to see for yourself.

Recommended Summer Pairings

Planning the perfect picnic or backyard BBQ can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite wine and food pairings to help you host an ideal summer event.

Shenandoah Vineyards 2014 Carignane - Perfect for a backyard grilling marathons full of wild game sausages.

Renwood Winery 2017 Viognier - A great match for spring/summer salads like Chicken, Pear, Gorgonzola & Walnut Salad.

Iron Hub Winery 2014 Old Vine Zinfandel - Elevate your deliciously, sticky BBQ ribs and pulled pork sliders.

Driven Cellars 2015 Petite Sirah - Anything sweet and savory. We’re thinking a juicy burger topped with arugula, goat cheese and jam. Yum!

Dorba Zemlja Kikas - Dessert! Pair with your chocolatey sweets or enjoy on its own.

Dillian Winery 2015 Vino Nostro - A great addition to pizza night when you don’t feel like firing up the grill.

Deaver Vineyards 2016 Verdelho - Quenching your thirst alongside ceviche or raw oysters.

Charles Spinetta Winery Rosé - An alternative to dessert (or in addition to it) this semi-sweet rosé will certainly please your guests palates.

Bella Grace Vineyards 2017 Vermentino - Great by itself on a hot day or pair with spicy shrimp tacos.


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